The 25 Best Sustainable Living Blogs

With a residential solar power system, you can go a long way toward making your home more sustainable and self sufficient, reducing much or all of your need to purchase utility power. But sustainability at home doesn’t end there: there’s reduction of waste, healthy living, and green building to consider, just to name a few. You can learn more about how you make your home more sustainable from these top blogs on sustainable living. They share the latest news for going green at home, reducing your impact, and living a healthy life.

  1. My Zero Waste: On a mission to make the world a cleaner place, My Zero Waste chronicles the triumphs and struggles of a family in semi rural Gloucestershire as they reduce waste and pollution in their environment. You can even learn about their small solar power system.
  2. Mindful Momma: Michaela at Mindful Momma is dedicated to discovering and sharing resources and ideas for healthy living that are easy on the Earth. You’ll find eco-crafts, DIY projects, even healthy recipes that are better for you and the environment.
  3. Green Living Ideas: Green Living Ideas shares a comprehensive guide to living a greener lifestyle, particularly at home. The blog highlights technologies, products, and best practices for going green.
  4. Eco Thrifty Living: Eco Thrifty Living’s Zoe Morrison has made it her mission to live green while reducing household expenditures. Learn how she invested in solar panels and took on a year of eco challenges with a new challenge every month for an entire year. She shares practical advice for saving both the money and the environment, and how you can apply ecothrifty principles to your entire life.
  5. Urban Gardens: Offering “unlimited thinking for limited spaces,” Urban Gardens encourages gardeners even in the smallest of spaces. Learn about great design ideas and trends in urban gardening and sustainable lifestyle from this blog.
  6. Inhabitat: Inhabitat is an extensive and exciting resource for learning about the latest and greatest in green design. Discover eco friendly DIY projects, ideas for taking your home off the grid, and even updates on solar energy at home and on the grid.
  7. Sustainable Homes: Based in the United Kingdom, the Sustainable Homes blog examines sustainable housing options including energy efficiency, new home standards, and of course, renewable energy in homes.
  8. Zero Waste Home: Bea Johnston’s Zero Waste Home blog shares her family’s zero waste lifestyle, which they’ve maintained since 2008. On this blog, you’ll see how she’s improved her life as well as saved time and money by not contributing to waste in a number of different ways, including installing a residential solar energy system.
  9. Green Building: Intrigued by sustainable living? Green Building offers excellent resources for learning about the best practices in building green. Green Building cuts through the hype and delivers news on the best resources for making your home green and sustainable.
  10. Off Grid Homestead: Jaime and her family live in the woods completely off the power grid. Using solar power and wood for energy, this family also enjoys gardening, home preserving, and beekeeping in the Pisgah National Forest.
  11. Sustainable America: Written by the nonprofit organization Sustainable America, this blog encourages more efficient and resilient food and fuel systems for America. On the blog, you’ll find out how you can reduce food and fuel waste at home and beyond.
  12. Off Grid Home Sweet Home: Tony and Jean live off grid in the Pacific Northwest. They have no public utilities on their 22 acres in the foothills of the Cascade mountains. Remarkably, they built and installed their own solar array to power their home.
  13. Solar Burrito Blog: On the Solar Burrito blog, you’ll learn about small cabins, off grid living, renewable energy, and more. There are a number of helpful guides on this blog, including instructions for building your own low cost solar power generator.
  14. Jetson Green: A hub for sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology, Jetson Green shares design for green living. You’ll learn about the latest in building green, enjoying sustainability, and employing renewable energy at home.
  15. Eartheasy: Since 1980, Greg Seaman and his family have lived off the grid. On this blog, you’ll find their tips for sustainable living, learn about making your home more efficient, and find out how you can adopt a more sustainable lifestyle at home.
  16. Trash is for Tossers: Say no to trash with Lauren Singer, who lives a zero waste lifestyle in New York City. She shares her two steps to zero waste, zero waste alternatives, and ideas for upcycling.
  17. Frugally Sustainable: Andrea at Frugally Sustainable writes about transitioning out of a consumer culture into sustainability. The blog focuses on frugality, simplicity, upcycling, and remaining ecologically responsible at home.
  18. Green Living Guy: Seth Leitman is a best selling author and green living guru. You can learn about green living news, electric cars, and going green with solar power and other sustainability measures on his blog.
  19. Groovy Green Livin: Lori Popkewitz Alper shares her healthy, organic lifestyle on Groovy Green Livin. On this blog, you’ll find out how to make the switch to reusable napkins and water bottles, clean your house sustainably, and use healthy personal care products. She even has great tips for using the sun at home.
  20. Sustainablog: Since 2003, Sustainablog shares how you can reduce your waste at home and beyond. Popular posts include information on eco friendly washing machines, DIY thermal curtains, building stoves, and more.
  21. Happy Simple Living: Learn the art of less from Eliza Cross and her family live simply and happily while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.
  22. The Eco Friendly Family: Amanda at the Eco Friendly Family shares practical, modern green living, encouraging readers to try new things and replace old habits. She’s a big supporter of making your own home products and choosing reusable products whenever possible.
  23. Treehugger: Always full of sustainable living news, ideas, and recommendations, Treehugger is the ultimate destination for people interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle.
  24. Green Talk: Green Talk shares how you can live a greener lifestyle. This family built an eco friendly house in 2005, and has since thrived in their home built with alternative green building products. Follow this blog to learn how you can do the same.
  25. Green Building Elements: Green Building Elements focuses on sustainable building including solar power, green materials, and smart design. See how the homes of the future are being built and how you can incorporate green building into your home.